Diabetes is first detected under various circumstances.

The symptoms of acute diabetes are so dramatic that it is almost impossible to miss the diagnosis. But in a number of patients, diabetes develops so gradually and silently that it is revealed only by the methodical examination of the urine and the blood. It is believed that undiagnosed diabetics probably outnumber known diabetics. Continue reading “DIAGNOSIS OF DIABETES”

Life with diabetes

The diagnosis of diabetes evokes different responses in different persons.

That a child diabetic cannot understand the gravity of the diagnosis can readily be understood. But many a time, even adults react childishly. Many patients just refuse to accept the situation. This refusal is expressed in different forms. Some patients bluntly state that they can’t have diabetes. Continue reading “Life with diabetes”

Diabetes prevention

The old adage ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is especially true for diabetes.

  1. It is desirable that a man with diabetes (or with a possibility of developing diabetes) does not marry a woman with diabetes (or with a possibility of developing diabetes). If both the parents are diabetics, their children almost certainly inherit the disease. Continue reading “Diabetes prevention”

Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes is a great mimic. It affects various organs or systems of the body to give rise to such symptoms as would sometimes mislead even a physician.

Maturity onset diabetes creeps into the body so silently that the victim usually remains unaware and symptom less. On the other hand, juvenile diabetes develops suddenly and gives rise to dramatic symptoms.
Continue reading “Diabetes Symptoms”